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Hello There

Welcome to Office & Salon Suites at Live Oak. Newly opened, we are a large building comprised of professional office suites and multipurpose salon studios. With a passion for supporting small businesses, we welcome the opportunity to cultivate a diverse atmosphere, challenging new possibilities for all entrepreneurs.

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All About Us

We have been commercial rental professionals providing services to our community for 9 years. Our company believes in pushing the boundaries of what is possible for small businesses to grow in our area. Our team has created superior office and salon designs that are both safe and highly functional. This allows our small business owners to deliver exceptional products and services while projecting and warm and welcoming atmosphere. Together we can elevate your business with our offices and salon space rentals while making a positive impact on our community.

Our Name

The Live Oak

With a love and commitment to our community, we are passionate about the preservation of its natural beauty. Estimated to be over 100 years old, the presumed oak tree that formerly adorned our property turned the heads of many passersby as well as local researchers. In 2021, it was decided to cut down the tree after rot began to overtake its trunk, making it a structural hazard. As we pay homage to the natural landmark, our team plans to incorporate a new oak tree into our future landscaping. 

live oak tree_edited_edited.jpg
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